Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hawaii update...finally....

as many of you know we went to maui for some R&R and escape from the snow. weather was 80-85 night and day. calm in the morning and kinda windy as the day progressed. even though it was windy it was quite warm and the wind felt nice on our sunburned skin.

the humidity was a nice change as well to the dry utah climate. we opted to lying on the beach many days instead of roaming the island as we all have been here a couple of times already.

stayed at kaanapali villas, a nice resort with spectacular gardens, pool(a stones throw from the beach) and very attentive staff. i know, why have a pool right by the beach, but we did make use of the jacuzzi and then took a cool dip in the pool.

me and my little friend. some pirates have a talking parrot, i had a talking bumble bee....
the beach was the best. crystal clear waters, with clear view of about 20-30 feet underwater, warm ocean temps, hot sandy beach and tons of fishys swimming around the coral reef just 20 feet off the shoreline. in fact we went to that famous snorkeling spot just up the way and the snorkling off our resort beach was way better
as always you can clink on any of the pano's to get a bigger. better view.

this is the view off a upper patio on the back part of the resort. we were more in front.
opps this pic belongs farther down. its part of the hana trail hike.
this is the view from the pool. just beyond the trees is the beach and water.
there is a shuffle board and cafe right there next to the beach

we decided to venture out and drive the long twisty road to hana and hike the trail. the road is cut into the side of the mountain cliff and through the jungle forest

this is on the trail and one of the many many waterfalls
the trails follows this river and many waterfalls with green green overgrowth everywhere
ok maui has this over warning of dangerous everything. signs where everywhere and people constantly warning us about waves, cliffs, food, animals, etc...everywhere we went. i guess tourist are pretty dumb and need to be warned.

ummmm...da beach(i mean falls) is data
the last(on the trail) and biggest falls. it was soo tall that by the time the water hit the bottom it was just mist.
there is another banyon tree on the trail. these trees grow roots from limbs that hit the ground and eventually turn into another tree growing into the ground or supports.

there is a bamboo forest on the way to the final falls. it is quite thick and has crowded out everything else including the sun.

now "that" is a nice back.....
on the way down there was a cow i thought was stuck in the bamboo, but they go in there to eat the young bamboo shoots and can get out. you can just barely see the head of the cow.

the grounds were filled with amazing plants. i only got a few of them here. there are soo many.

iwe collected a few shells/coral and smoothed glass from the beach. had to leave them on the island to protect some kind of law...

it was a great trip. got good core workouts, but zero bike riding in. after the giardia episode and this trip i got a three week vacation from riding.
rode four days in a row in park city lately. mix of road and a few short rides on tacky dirt that i had to turn around because i would eventually run into mud. yuk, no mud.

got my fox f29 29er fork rebuilt at revolution bike shop(my sponsor) and reset from 80mm to 100mm. also they rebuilt my carbon cannondale lefty. i never opened this fork up yet and found out that i only had two spacers in there and was running at 90mm not 80mm. that must have been why i rubbed the front tire some times on bit hits. so i put the missing one in.

next weekend is the 5-mile pass race. i have pretty much givin up on any chance for point series this year and will mainly concentrate on learning the courses for next year and building up to bigger gears and endurance. gonna ride the single speed at the next race due to not riding lately.