Monday, April 25, 2011

wots up doc?

rode parts of cove trail yesterday. the first left and second left were clear and dry for a mile each. did those quite a few times. they are embedded with lots of big rocks and really fun on the rigid single speed 29er.

here is the entrance. it only gets more fun from here.

then i crossed the street to get another short jaunt up a single track. it forks and ends on both ends. the upper crosses the street.

after crossing the street you are rewarded with a very steep short fire road. i will be return here to do some intervals for sure.

today i rode from park city out to kamas via browns canyon. it was cold, windy, raining, sleeting and hailing at times. much fun. the right clothes really make the ride!!!

the bike lane is very smooth and then it gets very narrow and rough as you get near kamas.
i saw some bison and many many farms along this backroad
here i am returning on hwy 248. the sun came out briefly and made some humid fog just a few feet off of the road.

i got three hours in at zone 3-4, so it was an easy day.


if you drink enough irish whiskey you can master this fighting form...