Friday, April 29, 2011

Windy Road turns into single speed

got up yesterday to an absolutely fabulas day. clear skies and lots of sun. a bit nippy, but not too bad.

here is the shot from my driveway
i decided to ride out to kamas and then back via browns canyon. right from the get go the wind was huffing and puffing and blowing me down.

when i saw waves and white caps on the tiny reservoir i decided to change the ride to 10 steep hill intervals.
took a side road that looked steep(and it was). stood up and did some big gear mashing all the way up. this sheet of ice was waiting for me at the top. it was soo slick i could not even walk across it without falling. so i didn't. i went back down and found another hill.

across the street was another steep beauty that set me up for 10x3 mins. of stand up max heartrate mashing in a big gear. 50x16 i think.

got my butt home and jan wanted to go out and ride the single speeds "and" she knew of a secrete trail that was free of mud.
well it wasn't so we rode on the road to cove trail, which was mud free and did a few spins around that. a fun hour of single speeding.

oh yeah, i forgot to tell ya that i switch to a 32x18 gear and put on some 700mm long carbon bars with very thick foam grips.
i really like the gear with the wider bars. the grips were amazing on the very embedded rocky trail. before this trail was fun, but kinda hard on the hands. with these grips it was like adding suspension, but to my hands.

got back and took the dogs for an 1.5 hour hike around round valley. they got really muddy and i had to got in the shower with them. yup thats how much sticky mud there was. clutch came out of the shower gleaming super white and smelling like a rose. not that she doesn't

today there was snow in the afternoon forcased so i rode the cargo bike (oh yeah i gotta get pics of that up here tomorrow) to the market and then more doggie hiking. this time without the mud.

the cargo bike really kick for hauling stuff. i got a plastic tote on one side and a small cooler on the other for meats/cheese/ice cream.