Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 Sundance Spin at Soldier Hollow

racing the soldier hollow course backwards was kinda brutal. all the downhills had a steep turn at the bottom so no momentum was able to be used going up the many climbs.

it was tough on a single speed. some parts of the course was fun, but not enough. add to the fact that there was a muddy grass bog at the start finish(i hate mud) really didn't tickle my fancy.

the attendance was low due to these facts understandably. we still raced on. i did two easy laps and had to walk a few of the second lap short steep hills. wound up yo-yoing with geared riders on the downhills. i would pass on the steep or rough spots(my rigid against their suspension geared) and then they would pass on the flat or slightly downhill when i ran out of gear.

there was a fun part on the first lap downhill(not knowing the course from not preriding) when erin swenson(tall nordic blonde) just got by me before the fast part and then was able to just stay ahead for most of it.
she kept asking if i wanted to pass and i kept saying "no" mostly due to i can ride faster with a rider just in front of me for the fast twisty part when i don't know what is coming up. i tend to blow thru the turns due to lacking far vision.
although i was right on her rear tire we got through, then she balked on a very steep and off camber new part of the trail. i pasted her at "mach 7" not knowing why she stopped and somehow made it though mostly hanging on by luck not skill. it was touch and go for a few seconds.
locking the brakes did nothing so i just rode it out and survived. i am sure it looked heroic, but the doo-doo in my shorts was not. once again my poor vision accidentally made me go faster.

the second lap went by quicker as i knew the uphill parts would never end and i prepared for that. was able to enjoy the second downhill without any nonsense that i was going to catch the leader ted furgeson and his big gear.

with all the relaxed last lap stuff i had some legs on the last rolling part of the course and pasted some stragglers just before getting covered in mud from the bogfest that was created 50 feet right before the finish. next time i will dismount and just walk thru the mud.

with the last race of the year done(yup early end due to mechanicals and lack of funds) i am going to concentrate on building more endurance time on the saddle and having fun riding the trails in park city. funny how half the race season is over and we still really don't have any trails to ride yet due to being covered in snow. training the year before is essential to get enough saddle time for the coming season.

i will be also using cyclocross races as boost as well. no way around it seeing how the racing season starts so early and snow keeps us off the trails to train during most of that. road training just was not cutting it for me as i hate the road and do not want to get hit by a car again. will be adding XC skiing as well next winter as i now live right by an amazing XC ski course in round valley.