Monday, June 13, 2011

Flying dog is really fun

got to flying dog via the cove trail and then some streets. cove is a nice fast rocky descent.

awwww look at this little guy. seeing a lot of these snakes lately.

the descent into glenwild has more embedded rocks on the trail with all the rain. i notice these things riding the rigid single speed
spring is really green on the backhalf.
made it up the switchbacks fairly fast in the 32x17. the forest was relatively dry for spring time conditions. there was about six muddy spots and four pits to walk around.
more rocks
the ride down the front part is ridiculously fun. fast twisty, flowy and on a monday almost nobody on the trail.

the few climbs went by fairly quick
a couple of creeks are still active, but well protected with rocky armor

all in all i wound up doing flying dog loop in 1:15, that's including stops for pics. i was surprised and thought i was going way slower. the climbing must have been the same, but my downhill speed was way faster due to no traffic or being slow down by other riders in front of me.

the rigid single speed is a blast to ride on this trail. big smile all around.

made my way back to the cove trail on the street and the climb up was easy this time. really liking this ride and will do it a bunch of times this summer.