Wednesday, June 22, 2011

collins to robs is open

decided that enough warm days have passed since the last effort and i should see if its clear up to mid mountain

darn dirty lens on the iphone
going up collins there are two tight rocky switchbacks that i am 50 for 50 in my 32x17 gear on the single speed.

problem is there is a rock just at the end of the turn and i have no speed left to get over it. today i hit the rock right as my cranks were exactly vertical. i quickly back pedaled and then mounted all efforts to get over, but in doing so i also put all weight forward.
this action lifted the front wheel and produced zero foreard momentum. and yes i did a slow motion fall over. but my shin hit another large rock and got a good size monkey bump. ya know its gonna hurt later when you start riding again, endorphins kick in and you still have pain.

this tree fell over taking most of the trail with it. the day was picture perfect, with warm temps and blue sky's.crested collins to robs and to my disbelief i made it all the way up robs to midmountain trail. of course 200 yards into it there was this river and downed tree waiting for me. after that it was river after snow patch after river...etc. so i rode back down.
still needing more saddle time for today i rode down robs to rodebud and then across and up ambush. this was a nice, hot and dry climb. made it to short swing trail and decided to take that over to hollys trail
waiting on hollys was three major rivers crossing the trail and a couple of downed trees. the trail was beat up from runoff and no traffic yet.
had to go slow as just around every turn was a washout, big loose rock or river. made it down and back home for a three hour ride. very nice.
tomorrow morning is the thursday early ride. ensign peak i believe.