Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lava Hot Springs Idaho was relaxing

except for ruining my shins while tubing down a river we were warned not to go down. so we went down it many times.

went to the water slide pool park that had three very high platforms to jump off. very proud of jan for summing up the courage to jump off the middle one. the highest one got ya 5-6 seconds of arm waving free fall until you hit the water very hard/fast and went very deep into a seemingly bottomless blue pool. the slides were fun.
there was inevitably an older out of shape gent that leaned too far back while jumping in off the top platform, landed on his back with a loud "oooffffff", lifeguards cleared the pool and they slowly floated him to a waiting ambulance. he didn't look too good.

the hot spring pools were very nice. many pools in varying temps from way too hot to luke warm. some how after a while we always ended up in the hot pools, not the scorching hot ones.

the mineral waters sure did its job as we mucho mellow at the moment. good reset button for anybody that is looking for that.

didn't get any pics of the fun rapids we tubed/rafted down. or the good eateries or different hot spring pools. my bad. but in my defense we were having a good time and over relaxed.