Saturday, July 2, 2011

millcreek, mirror lake, deer valley rides

Wednesday rode up millcreek road to check out big and little water trails. rode my single speed in a 32x17. felt surprisingly good, but i was rested from not much riding lately.

made it to the gate in 18 mins, some kind of record for me in a stiff head wind.

made the upper parking lot in 42 mins. another good time. didn't feel like i was pushing hard at all. the bike and gear was mostly to blame. half sitting and half standing effort.

the road was dry going up, with only one small creek running on the road area. the gate will open this weekend.
the parking lot empty, but snow still looming all around. little water trail had mud and snow right away so i tried big water.

big water had mud and snow as well after a little while so i rode back down via pipeline.

pipeline was very green and spring time conditions

friday i rode from park city to mirror lake on the road. its a fun long ride of hills. i need to get in some time on the saddle for the fireroad race next weekend. between allergies and a nagging lagging cold i have not had much time on the bike.

the first couple of hills out of park city to kamas are up and down. get over them quickly. riding the bigger gear on the single speed lately has really pumped up my torque as i was able to easily climb in bigger gears than in winter.

past kamas its mellow long climb up the mountain for a while. it felt almost flat until i got the the lakes area

somehow i didn't get a pic of the lakes as i was enjoying the view and pedaling away. felt again surprisingly well for the speed and effort i was doing.

ride time was five hours total. the ride down the hill and back up the last four hill was into a pretty hard headwind. i was pedaling hard just getting down the hills. going up kinda hurt a small bit.

here is matt love doing something silly. thursday morning rides are still in effect. we rode up to ensign point and then farther to the radio towers. steep climb then some fireroad

saturday jan and i rode up skid row to deer crest trail to village trail to pipeline/outlook across to deer valley and back. some fun short steep efforts, lots of shady forest single track and lots of tight switchbacks. two hours out and back, short and sweet.