Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finona the wonder dog needs a new home, please help in Salt Lake City area

if you could repost this or help by fostering this lovely doggie.

Fiona is a great adorable jack russell, gets along with all people and dogs. House trained, petsmart obedience classes, loves to cuddle and good with kids(we have a 10 year old).

She is a typical jack russell. Lots of energy, loves to run and play, critter chasing on trails, will bark a couple times when you leave for work, then lays down. will not bark all day or at every sound. Kennel train and likes her little castle. She will inspire you to take her out so you "both" can get exercise. Loves the snow and can get through any dept of snow.
Current on all shots, super healthy. Little dogs eat very little and have little poo-poos(easy to clean)

Once she bonds to you, she will be your little buddy.

Neighbor turned us in for too many dogs, Fiona is one of the better of our dogs to find a home for.