Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of july shenanigans in Park Silly

hangin out at the canyons for 4th of july celebrations. the soulistics played, everybody drinkin, dancin and then enjoying the fireworks.

my girl....mmmm...pretty booty shaker
lots and lots of people there

kevin from pivot cycles, dana
sitting on the blanky with the crew
then the festivities
boom, ouwwww, ahhh, owwwue, ahhh...etc

i am gonna start a "park city fat cop" picture segment. these guys are ridiculous.

parade pics. these guys are a celtic band
super big horse
a rock band in a double van

the celtic guys
xc road ski guys
luge land guys

ok so we got to the parade late and only got a few pics. fun anyways.