Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spiro to midmountain to ironman to midmountain to hollys

great ride today. rode a couple of miles of road to PCMR, then up spiro. spiro is steep, but not a grunt type of climb, nor is it too long. some switchbacks and a few less steep parts. all in all a good climb.
i kept playing leap frog back and forth with a couple other geared guys on my SS as i stopped to take pics and answer my phone.

here is the bike lane in park city

nice wooden and shady climb. also i started this ride late in the day, 6pm
one of my leap froggers

spiro puts you out on a double track dirt road for a short climb that joins mid mountain trail to the right. if you continue up it connects to powerline, a nice long stead steep climb to gurdsman pass.

the right turn onto mid mountain trail has a healthy little steam that i managed to get both my feet wet crossing it.
mid mountain is fun, fast rolling and flowy. crossing the park city mountains and more shaded wooden. there is a new reroute from last year that has a new "add on"

the reroute is still a bit rough and rocky

i found a new trail newly cut and not ready for riding yet. slick on pic for all its pano goodness

then we come to this years new stuff. apparently the reroute is called "ironman trail" and a new left version will make it a complete loop. so you have the choice of two trails now that end up back to mid mountain at the same place
the new stuff is even more rough and soft, like what the reroute was last year.
the front half of the old reroute(ironman) had two very softdirt/rocky switchbacks. lucky there will be a 50k race the bob saffel will be putting on this weekend that will divert a lot of traffic to this trail and help break it in

the back half is starting to get really fun and then it dumps you back to more mid mountain goodness.

just as i got to hollys trail, which is my descent, it started with a little drizzle. the hardpack held up great, but the roots and rocks got wet, which made it treacherous.

made it down in one piece with a few almost goodnight slips. and back home.

gonna really enjoy doing this trail going down robs/collins in the future and doing that backwards as well.